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Functional Fitness

  • Area Specific Correctional Exercise

    Personalized correctional exercise is a tailored exercise program designed to address an individual’s specific movement limitations, imbalances, and musculoskeletal issues. It is used to correct dysfunctional movement patterns, improve posture, and alleviate pain or discomfort.

    After suffering an injury to your spine or an extremity, symptoms can persist well after the injury is healed. These areas can be painful, stiff, aching and weak for years after the original injury and increase risk the possibility of becoming a chronic condition. Chronic low back pain, for example, can plague you for the rest of your life and become extremely debilitating. The key to avoiding and preventing chronic spinal conditions is spinal adjustments as well as rehabilitation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments before they weaken and stiffen, thus preventing atrophy and instability.

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  • “Core” Conditioning & Stabilization

    This type of training teaches your body how to work better by improving strength, balance, coordination and postural awareness. An emphasis is placed on increasing strength, flexibility and endurance of the spine, hips/pelvis, knees, ankles and shoulder girdle as well as correcting postural imbalances.

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  • Postural Restoration

    Posture is far more important than most people realize. Poor posture can cause a multitude of problems throughout your entire body including headaches, neck, back, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle pain and can even affect your breathing. Unfortunately, the longer postural problems are neglected, the more the body adapts to its current unwanted positioning, and the more difficult it can be to correct. Long-term poor posture can result in permanent spinal changes such as degenerative joint disease. Postural restoration utilizes a combination of chiropractic adjustments, spinal strengthening, rehabilitation, specific stretches, and soft tissue therapy to bring the body into a more neutral position, thus relieving stress on all the affected structures.

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  • Spine Strengthening

    Our Spine Strengthening protocol is a proven and tested treatment for chronic & recurring spine-related pain and based on decades of research and clinical study. It works by strengthening the muscles that stabilize the spine in a specific, progressive and intensive manner under direct supervision of a trained professional to maximize effectiveness.

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  • Post-Concussion Treatments

    Those recovering from a concussion need to know the importance of muscle therapy & it’s very positive improvement in recovery time. At Exuberance, we provide a diverse and comprehensive approach to concussion management through stretch, muscle therapy, and exercise therapy to ensure we can help those struggling with post-concussion symptoms. Alignment of the spine& addressing tissues involved will maximize the opportunity to get back to doing what they love to do!

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  • Personal Training

    Whether your goal is about losing weight, building muscle, or improving nutrition we can help.

    We conduct a consultation with every client and ensure a thorough assessment and evaluation to help you develop a customized fitness and nutrition program. Your consultation will identify, evaluate and assess your goals, medical history, past obstacles, current diet, exercise history, and much more. Once a history & your goals discussed, a plan of action is put together for your success.

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  • Athletic Enhancement

    Our program for competitive athletes is designed to build speed, power, agility, and resistance to injury. Science-based, sport-specific protocols are delivered in a 1 on 1 or small-group setting for maximum results. Goals are discussed & a plan of success is put in place for each individual athlete.

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  • KT Taping

    Kinesio taping should be viewed as an extension of manual therapy, which puts the body in a position to recover naturally. By lifting the skin ever so slightly, it is possible to alleviate pressure on tissues underneath the surface, which allows them to stay in proper alignment for longer amounts of time. This could help your body recover and stabilize more quickly.

    Kinesiology taping treatment with blue and pink tape on athlete patient injured arm. Woman hands apply kinesio treatment after sports muscle injury.
  • Gait Analysis

    What is gait analysis? Chances are if you’re a runner, it’s a term you’ve heard before. If you’re pounding the sidewalk in a favorite pair of running shoes, you may not have stopped to think about whether they’re the right ones. But if your shoes are designed to run in a way that doesn’t fit your stride, you might not only be unconsciously slowing yourself down, but also putting yourself at risk of injury. Gait analysis can be performed to help you improve running times, reduce spinal stress and improve posture.

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Whether you are seeking relief from pain, recovering from an injury, or simply want to optimize your health, Exuberance is here for you. Our team is passionate about helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, so you can embrace life with vitality and exuberance.

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